Just as there is IQ & EQ, there is CQ. The Curiosity Quotient (CQ) refers to how hungry your mind is, how open you are to new experiences and ideas.

CQ Matters. Curiosity Matters is focused on elevating the Curiosity Quotient (CQ) in individuals and teams to empower people to become better problem solvers, build stronger and more meaningful relationships. Being curious can help you find things that others may not spot, gives you opportunities to make new connections, ask better questions and solve big problems.

So, how do you let curiosity lead? How can you better engage with and lead your team or workforce? Start the process of building a new venture? And better serve your customers? Form deeper human connections, clarity and understanding?

Work with Curiosity Matters and find out. The value we deliver through retained or project-based consulting spans these core areas:   

Cultivate curiosity.

You can't cure a curious mind, it's inspiring to watch people flourish as they learn how to use the art of questioning to better understand and serve customers & stakeholders. The purpose here is not only to get people comfortable with the idea of embracing uncertainty but to get them to a point where they actively seek it out because they value the growth opportunities that come from it.

Put people first.

Recognise and embrace the value of diversity, celebrate individual strengths & illustrate the magnificent power of working collaboratively. Sounds straightforward but its way more uncommon than it should be. Using curiosity to drive this always has a profound impact. It is a binding agent for strong relationships & an immensely powerful tool to help strategically navigate through change. 

Build stronger relationships.

Being curious & using questions as a way to tap into the brains trust of your company builds deeper connections - with customers, team members, stakeholders, and investors. Harnessing the power of curiosity helps individuals become better team players and leaders. You will end up with a 'Curiosity Toolkit' - to add to your leadership bag of tricks, to use with your own team so they can pay the magic of curiosity forward.

Drive more creative questioning.

Curiosity is a door opener to new ideas and the ultimate problem-solving tool. Being curious helps us see things differently. It allows us to paint a picture, without the boundaries and restrictions that every day life can, over time, impose on us. 

Get to the heart of big problems.

Our creativity knows no bounds when we are curious. Leverage the power of curiosity to better define & ruthlessly prioritise the big problems to set about answering to strategically pave a path forward.

“Sally brings the experience and energy to drive the change you are looking for in your team. Sally worked with our management team to look at curiosity as a tool to unlock performance and success as a team. I would strongly recommend Sally to help you and your team in building entrepreneurial capacity to achieve your desired success.”