Curiosity Matters. Just as there is IQ and EQ, there is CQ.

The Curiosity Quotient (CQ) refers to how hungry your mind is, how open you are to new experiences and ideas. 

What do you think of when you see the picture above. Is it a home? An office? What is going on behind the closed door? What is the view like from the roof? How old is this building? Who were the first owners of the property? Who chose the yellow paint for the doors, windows and shutters and why did they choose that shade of yellow?

Why even ask these questions?

Simple. To illustrate that our creativity knows no bounds when we are curious. Our imagination can help us create a powerful story about this two dimensional image. Being curious helps us see things differently. It allows us to paint a picture, without the boundaries and restrictions that every day life can, over time, impose on us. 

Being curious can help you find things that others may not spot, gives you opportunities to make new connections and better define and solve problems. Take time to examine things fully, let curiosity lead. 

Curiosity Matters. Your CQ matters. So, how do you let curiosity lead? How can you better engage with and lead your team or workforce? Start the process of building a new venture? And better serve your customers? Form deeper human connections, clarity and understanding?